VICE SQUAD: London Underground: LP

On the plus side, this is a wee bit better than some of the other recent stuff Beki’s been putting under the Vice Squad banner. The songs are more “punk,” I guess, with less of that icky metal tinge to ‘em. Then there’s the slow, painful slide down the other side: the songs are not particularly interesting, or all that good for that matter, and the whole thing sounds like what it is, namely someone milking the cache earned by an earlier incarnation of their once-legendary band some twenty-five years past when they might’ve been able to pull it off. Believe me, I really want to like this, but while the intentions of Beki and her mates might be sincere, there’s damn sight little here that either sounds or feels sincere, and that is one helluva bummer.

 –jimmy (Last Rockers, distributed by