VIC RUGGIERO: On The Rag Time: 7"

Oct 16, 2009

I was way excited to listen to this 7”, I’m a sucker for ‘old-timey’ sounds; I like to view enjoying music as my personal soundtrack thru American history (ragtime to punk rock? Crazy!), and it makes me really happy that people are interested in maintaining America’s older music traditions.  I liked this record, and listened to a few times over, really digging the piano. I thought that his music actually didn’t benefit from the lo-fi recording, the usually enjoyable hisses from maxed levels were distracting; it’s not like there is a weakness in his voice or playing. Love the title pun. Subject matter is pretty standard, in sense that a Billie Holiday song is still a standard; universal themes on love, and loss (and booze). Nice dark marbled burgundy vinyl to boot, like a pair of classy Doc Martens. Not really setting any new ground but if you wore a fedora, you’d probably tip it at this guy.

 –Samantha Beerhouse (, Thought Squad)