VIBRATORS, THE: Under the Radar:: LP

I don’t really understand what the point of being the Vibrators is if you’re not gonna mostly just zip through a buncha short songs and call it an album. I mean, on that first Vibrators album ((bought it two years after its release in 1979 when i was a high school freshman and it was already a cut-out)), five songs were under two minutes. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” was 1:19 – shorter than any Ramones song at that juncture. And, while any Vibrators record anyone really “needs” was released when i was still in 7th or 8th grade, they still, more or less, sound like, you know, The Vibrators—same vocals, same drums, same bass. Apart from a little doodling around in the early ‘80s, they really haven’t shown any great interest in reinventing their sound to any significant degree ((okay, ANY degree, period)) – so why was “Pure Mania” great, and anything post-”V2” so , i dunno, forgettable? My admittedly-oversimplified answer to my own obviously oversimplified question is that yer average Vibrators song just doesn’t have enough going on in it to keep anyone’s attention for a minute or a half or two minutes. They just aren’t that absorbing. Instead of just zipping from “Wrecked on You” to “I Need a Slave” to “Bad Time,” BAM-BAM-BAM, this album just kinda saunters along in stocking feet. YOUR DOD-ROTTED RELAXED PACE WREAKS HAVOC WITH THE PURITY OF MY MANIA, I TELL YOU! “Diluted Mania” might be a more appropriate title. Since i kinda liked the packaging, i tried a last-ditch attempt to make myself like this record by accompanying it on the bongos. Tragically, this had little effect on overall listener satisfaction. Alas. BEST SONG: “NightmareTown” i guess. BEST SONG TITLE: “DNA Robot” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I don’t believe Knox is with the band anymore, so there goes the “same vocals, same bass” aspect of things. Also, the font used on this album cover is called Alba and the band is sponsored by Guitar Cellar®.

 –norb (Papagájův Hlasetel)