VEXX: Self-titled: 12”EP

May 21, 2014

I am thankful that people are able to use hardcore as an inspiration for making music that isn’t necessarily hardcore. Vexx are definitely a hardcore punk band, but they aren’t confined by the label. X’s Americana accent; Vexx’s clenched fist intensity. The track “Strength” is one of the most captivating tracks I’ve heard all year. I’m also thankful for the unholy combination of Maryjane’s vocals and Mike’s guitar playing. The balance of sounding totally unhinged and totally in control takes these songs to a level many strive for, but rarely reach. Like fellow Olympians, Hysterics, I’ve heard this band’s live shows are absolutely devastating, so check ‘em out if you get the chance. I know I will be. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Grazer,