VETERANS, THE: Quartet: 7"

Apr 29, 2016

“Rocket Summer” is a fun, catchy Ramones-style pop song. However, on with deeper scrutiny, I realized it gets into a relationship getting fucked by the false nature of our cyberspace reality: “Watch the human race float in the cyberspace / it’s a nightmare on a soft bed / watch your point of view just become excuses for lost time, in a lost world.” Just crawling out of a Youtube hole before writing this, I totally feel this guy’s sentiment, wanting to shoot off into the sky in a rocket “for better times coming.” There is some really nourishing stuff under the icing here. Even the artwork—the comic book illustration showing rockets shooting off around Easter Island statues—and we all know what happened there. The B side is “The Whole World Lost Its Head,” a cover from the sadly overlooked, grown-ass woman era of The Go-Go’s. A hard tune to fuck up in any right, but The Veterans pretty much match them. Now to get The Go-Go’s to cover “Rocket Summer.” 

 –Aaron Zonka (It’s Alive,

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