VERY METAL: Life’s Too Short: CD

Sep 18, 2001

The music - not the vocalist - make me think if Motorhead were a streetpunk band. Although the band’s name is taken from the back of Vivian’s (the punk guy with four stars nailed to his forehead) jacket on the British comedy, The Young Ones, the hints of double bass drums and the really short guitar solos show that they’re flirting with dirty metal. Not cockrock nor buttrock metal. DRI and SOD-fashioned crossover metal swirled in chunks with a band like The Business. Then coat it with some later GBH for good measure and you’ve got charged hair, charging guitars, frequent trips to the gutter, frequent flights and clashes with the cops, and lyrical exploration of being a fucked-up punk. Although they’re extremely proficient and their sound is full, and granted, not many bands are doing this nowadays, after listening this to ten times, I’d still have a hard time pulling them out of a lineup.

 –todd (Beer City)