VERMIN POETS, THE: Self-titled: 7"

May 21, 2010

I can’t keep up, but I’m sure that I like everything Billy Childish puts out. After decades of great music and fronting numerous amazing bands like Thee Headcoats and Thee Milkshakes, he can still associate himself with solid songs and new bands every few years. In an online interview with Heyoka Magazine, Billy names poets as the worse vermin out there, even more despicable than “estate agents and dentists.” The V-Poets don’t go the way of Bo Diddley per past Childish bands but more of a 1970s punk rock sound; really catchy treble action, like that era’s cautious pop optimism. Billy is on bass guitar here with his wife Julie on drums, both backup singing, with Wolf Howard also on drums and Neil Palmer singing and playing guitar. Billy and Palmer write the songs—which don’t ring as bad poetry at all—but wise thoughts and giddy insight for all. It’s great stuff, really vibrant. Don’t think that you’ve heard it all from Billy and crew.

 –mike (SmartGuy,