VERBAL ABUSE: Just an American Band: LP

Jul 27, 2014

Don’t have this yet? You gotta get it. I guarantee this will be a permanent part of your collection. One you will put on the turntable in another forty years and get the same rush you did as the first time you listened to it. This is hardcore punk from San Francisco 1983, featuring Nicki Sicki (from one of my all time favorite bands, Sick Pleasure) on vocals. This is the sound that had Okies like me dreaming of “the good life” in California. Pure hardcore that is dirty and dangerous-sounding, and it makes you feel alive and invincible. Back when bands lived it and breathed it. The songs are fast and yet catchy and tuneful without being corny or wimpy. The crashing tempo of “I Don’t Need It” is great, as well as the way Nicki Sicki delivers the lyric, “You’re Shit!” in “Verbal Abuse.” Such a great album. 

 –M.Avrg (Beer City)