VENUS: We Are the Fury: CD

Jul 25, 2007

Although I harbor a secret defect whereby I embrace glam and quietly harbor the foolish belief that ROCK, as ROCK, does have some manner of punk-disregarded universal healing power (especially if you’re stoned or something I guess), and forty percent of the time I’ve spent listening to this record makes me want to give it a chance (“give it a chance” more or less means “just put it on while you’re sitting on the porch reading comic books and see if it sinks in or something”, the other sixty percent of this record makes me remember just how much I fucking HATED David Bowie when I was in college (the first time). Advantage: Hate. BEST SONG: “Now You Know” BEST SONG TITLE: “Hey Love” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Saturday Night” is not the Bay City Rollers song. Contrast to Siren’s review.

 –norb (Unborn Media)