VENEREA: One Louder: CD

Jul 24, 2007

Holy fuckin’ rock me…if Call Me Lightning’s record is a scalpel, Venerea’s is an anvil dropped on the head. The first tune, though, made me think that this was gonna be some sort of new era metal drivel the likes of the Deftones or similar stuff, but I was pleased to be very wrong. It took me fifteen minutes to get through the second song (“Guantanamo”) ‘cause it was pure powerful hardcore that grabbed me by the nutsack and refused to let go. Venerea sound, at least to this humble reviewer, like a metalfied version of Bad Religion; there’s some bits of chunky power metal mixed with piles and piles of blistering yet melodic hardcore. Kind of like a less muscle-bound version of Biohazard. Lyrical topics range from the political to the beauty of defiance to thoughtful musings on love, life, and whatnot. On the whole, One Louder rocked my socks off; I couldn’t get enough of it and I very much look forward to what these four Swedish chaps can come up with in the future.

 –Eric Carlson (Bad Taste)