VENENO LENTO: Self-titled: EP

Sep 11, 2012

Excellent record! Tuneful and driving punk rock from these guys. There’s a definite U.K. influence, but not a starry-eyed knock off. You can hear it in the guitar playing and some of the riffs, which sound inspired by the likes of Steven Kent (the Business) and Nicky Garratt (U.K. Subs). The songs are mid tempo and catchy. You get some fist pumpers like “Eu Não Quero!” and the awesome “Meu Caminho O Inferno” (definitely one of my favorite songs of the summer—the guitar riff, the chorus, and the backing vocals that come in at the end—whoa!), then there are some slightly slower songs like “Arprisionado” and “Garotos De Rua” to let you catch your breath. Brazil has a lot of high quality bands lately. Oh how I’d love to go down there and witness it firsthand...

 –M.Avrg (Nada Nada, [email protected])

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