May 25, 2010

Punk music has to have energy or momentum. It’s a prerequisite. While bands have successfully incorporated folk and blues music into the genre (especially in the past ten years), punk music played on the acoustic guitar, while fun for the performer (and often the audience), has the ability to sound very lackluster. The songs recorded here with only guitar and vocals are punk songs, and need a full band and electric guitar. They’re begging for it. These songs would sound pretty damned decent with a set of drums backing ‘em. I’ve received a few albums like this in my time reviewing at Razorcake, and I always imagine a guy with an acoustic guitar and a small crowd, playing to a receptive audience (hopefully singing along)…it’s fun, but it only goes so far. Go further! Play louder! It’s okay!  –Will Kwiatkowski (Tasty Treat,