VENA CAVA: Weapons of Mass Communication: CDEP

Oct 23, 2008

Yay! If I were an ‘80s skater reviewing this CD, I’d call this totally dudical, awesome to the max, radical, and killer! (Note: I’d also have one of those cool skater “flip” haircuts!) A bunch of my friends compare Vena Cava to X, but other than the boy/girl vocals and the fact that they apparently cover X in a non-poser fashion while playing live, this really sounded more like just bombdiggity punk rock that you could picture playing a super show with the Chinese Telephones, Black Rainbow, and the Hidden Spots! Totally catchy poppy punk, but not pop punk, ya know? This CD doesn’t eat shit! I’d totally kickflip to this anytime!

 –maddy (ADD)