VELVEETA HEARTBREAK: I Shot the Invisible Man b/w Secret Beach Boys Fans Parts 1 and 2: 7”

Apr 09, 2007

One drop of the needle on the title track and I searching for the best place to stitch my Velveeta Heartbreak Army patch. The title track is a wonderful slice of low budget bubblegum pop, from the opening “yeah yeah yeah”s, to the simple but steady piano plunkings to the absurd lyrics (“I shot the Invisible Man/ I shot him with my own hand /Now I don’t know who I am”). Neither part of the flipside, “Secret Beach Boys Fans Part 1 and 2,” sounds anything like the brothers Wilson, but they work really well in the Technicolor world of Velveeta Heartbreak. I’ve since learned that Michael J. Bowman, the one man behind this band, has fifteen self-released cassettes and CD-Rs dating back to 1989. I’m getting the Robert Pollard/ Paul Caporino “overlooked pop genius” feeling again. –Mike Faloon

 –guest (Semper Lofi,

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