VEINS: Self-titled: 7”

Nov 24, 2010

This 7” is a re-release of the Veins cassette that came out a few months ago and sold out in a few minutes, so the songs have been making the rounds on the internet hype machine. Both sides swell up with simple guitar work and slower, typical “intro” style hardcore before taking off into rough, raw, old school hardcore punk that reminds me of Dischord #s 1-6. The sound actually has a bit of that treble-y mix in the guitar that makes those records so distinct. The second track, “Sniper Parade,” has a killer breakdown and stands out among the rest, but these six tracks are over so fast and pulled off so well it’s pointless to try and pick them apart. The packaging is a book with the record sleeve stapled inside as part of a fold out. Members of all the usual suspects.

 –Ian Wise (Youth Attack)