VCR: Self- titled: 7"

Mar 08, 2010

Vice City Rockers hail (hailed?) from Glen Rock, NJ and play spectacularly sloppy, disheveled rock’n’roll that falls somewhere between the Hipshakes and Black Lips on the underground musical spectrum. The drummer is the standout of the band, bashing away with lunatic intensity, holding the tunes together by the thinnest of threads. “Strictly Business” is a holwlin’ wolf of a long lost Teenage Shutdown track. So is “Gamblin’ Man.” “Code C” is dark and foreboding and Rocket From The Tombs-ey. Apparently, Die Slaughterhaus had some trouble putting this 7” out due to the band members being difficult to get a hold of. If any of you are reading this, when’s the next record coming out?

 –benke (Die Slaughterhaus)