VAZ: Dying to Meet You: CD

Aug 27, 2009

Plopped this in with the expectation that I was about to be annoyed by yet another two-man band trying to cash in on the fluke that is the White Stripes, so imagine my glee at being blown away by some of the best skronk-pop to come along since Sonic Youth started laying off the sheets-of-noise approach and actually tried to adhere to conventional song structure. This is rife with guitar noodling that would make Lee and Thurston beam with pride, complimented by some seriously wicked drumming. Derivative, yes, but a rehash? No. While reminiscent of that famous New York band, these guys have enough of their own twist to keep the proceedings inventive and fresh. Most astonishing of all, they’ve managed to create the same amount of racket with half the band personnel.

 –jimmy (GSL)