VATICANS, THE: Digital World: 7”

Mar 14, 2007

Okay, totally ignoring the fact that Shane and I have been both friends and occasional co-conspirators for nigh on twenty-seven years (man, time sure flies when you’re annoying others), “Digital World” is easily the best fucking song he’s written to date. Yup, you heard me correct, kid; miles above “The Secret of Mary Astor,” catchier than “If I Were Hitler,” and, quite possibly, even more anthemic than “Utopian Supermarket.” Not only is he back on bass after a nearly two-decade hiatus, age has apparently allowed him the freedom to plumb some of the quirky wave-pop he secretly adored back in the ‘80s when we were both intentionally bald and worshipping at the altar of Black Flag. The results are a tune so good it would be a hit if only someone at one of these so-called “alternative” radio stations had the balls to throw it into heavy rotation. Of course, the song would be nothing if the entire band itself weren’t top-notch. Vocalist Mandy Taylor is in fine voice, guitarist Danyka Kosturak’s no-frills style is pitch perfect, and drummer Titch Turner provides a solid backbeat. Of course, the ‘60s-steeped raver on the B-side don’t exactly suck, either, but I’m unable to get the former out of my head. I’m honestly impressed.

 –jimmy (Pure Filth)