VATICANS: self-titled: 7″

This latest musical endeavor sees Shane White and his latest gaggle of cohorts delving into the world of distortionless power pop territory, moving him ever closer to fulfilling his lifelong dream of having a band as cool as the Raspberries and as well regarded as Paul Collins. As can be expected, the songs are strong, although I imagine the inherent wimpiness of the sound is gonna put a lot of trash punker noses out of shape, which alone makes this worth every penny. A couple of interesting facts: to my reckoning, this is the first band Shane’s played bass in since the first lineup of the Chainsaw Blues back in 1988, and included here is a drawing of the band, his first “published” artwork since his contributions to the booklet for 1985’s Flex Your Mom cassette comp.

 –jimmy ([email protected])