VARUKERS, THE: Vintage Varukers (Rare and Unreleased 1980-1985): CD

One of the best of the U.K. 82 bands, The Varukers are living legends. This collection is full of true rarities, including the band’s first demo, as well as a series of studio outtakes and live tracks. Before becoming one of the first and best d-beat bands, The Varukers already stood out from the pack with their fiercely paced anarcho hardcore punk. Their continued popularity stems both from their recorded greatness as well as the fact that they’re one of the U.K. bands that lots of us got to see in the 1990s. They’re always amazing live. Vocalist “Rat” (Anthony Martin) also sang for Discharge when Discharge toured the U.S. during the current millennium. The booklet that comes with this stellar release includes informative liner notes by Rat himself, as well as a very fun Varukers interview. Naysayers assume that The Varukers are all about fashion, but that’s really not the case. They do look cooler than you, though.

 –Art Ettinger (Antisociety, [email protected])