VARUKERS, THE: Vintage Varukers (Rare and Unreleased 1980-1985): CD

I’ve never actually owned a Varukers record; an English pen-pal once put some songs of theirs on a comp tape he made for me in 1982, but that’s as Varukery as i get. I’ve always liked that song “Destroy The Youth” ((which ain’t on here)), but, as a non-owner of any portion of the Varukers primary canon, i feel about as qualified to provide valid insight on this “rare and unreleased” suite of Exploited-singing-Discharge tunes as my little cousin would have been to write an in-depth review on the Beatles’ career after dancing around all Christmas to her first Beatles album, which was one of those weird ‘90s rare/unreleased compilation things, and thus, presumably, so far afield from a legitimate jumping-on point as to render her enthusiasm somewhat silly. Plus she danced weird. I can say with some authority that these guys were among the faster U.K. punk bands in the early 80’s, so, y’know, there’s that… but, to be brutally frank, i really just came to hear “Destroy The Youth” and go home, so what the fuck am i still doing here? BEST SONG: Well, “Destroy The Youth,” if it was on here. BEST SONG TITLE: “Varuker.” I applaud their thematic unity. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If you listen carefully to the live tracks at the end of the disc, you can hear various MacIntosh computer system sounds, like the little piano trill made when a process has been completed, and numerous pointer clicks.

 –norb (Antisociety)