VARUKERS: The Riot City Years: CD

Jul 12, 2007

I had a buddy, Matt, back in the ‘80s with an unflagging adoration for English punk and girl bands. On one trip to the Rock Shop on Hollywood Boulevard, he procured a dubbed cassette with Skrewdriver’s All Skrewed Up on one side and another band we’d never heard, the Varukers, on the other. Once his initial fascination with the A-side wore out, he began playing the flip with increasing regularity and it soon became a listening staple while cruising East L.A. in his Toyota truck. This disc acted like a kind of time travel back to those misspent summer days for me. Those not familiar with the band will find on this CD tunes that musically fall somewhere between Discharge and the Exploited—mostly fast ’n’ furious with lyrics a little more complex than either of those bands were able to manage in their prime.

 –jimmy (Step-1 Music)