VARUKERS: The Punk Singles 1981-85: CD

Jan 24, 2008

I’m all for reissues and “best of” discs, especially when it’s an obscure band or a long gone great whose output has been wallowing in “out of print” land for far too long, but at this point, another Varukers retrospective is about as necessary as a Sex Pistols retrospective. I mean, seriously, how many are there now with the same tracks? How many more times can you squeeze blood from a stone? No one can deny they were a good, even important, band. Inhabiting that fuzzy territory between Discharge and the Exploited, they were fast, topical, pissed off and yet oddly catchy in a way most of their peers weren’t. They are easily deserving of much adulation, but wouldn’t it be much better if a definitive overview—or better yet, a full-on reissue of all their material—were embarked upon and all attempts were made to keep them perpetually available instead of shuffling the same tracks around and slapping a new cover on them?

 –jimmy (