Jul 13, 2007

It’s kind of funny that this is released now when the singer, Rat, is currently on tour with Discharge. Is the timing coincidental? Starting off this CD is the Murder LP which was released on Asylum Records here in the states. I’m not sure who originally released it in Europe. The bonus tracks come from the Nothing’s Changed 7” that was released on Weird Records. Both were released in the mid ‘90s after their reformation. For those who do not own one of the band’s patches, this band has been flying the flag of Discharge for many moons now. This is not one of their strong albums. I prefer Blood Suckers or One Struggle One Fight. On this release, the guitars are really thin and a bit too clean for my liking. The tracks from the 7” have a better mix but do not compare to their other output before these releases. Both releases have been out of print for awhile, so here is your chance to fill up the collection.

 –don (Rodent Popsicle)