VARSITY WEIRDOS: High School Teen Party: 7” EP

Jan 06, 2009

The cover art looks like a cross between the Beatnik Termites logo lettering and a Mutant Pop label ((to say nothing of the band’s name being an apparent cross between Junior Varsity and the Weirdos)) thus it should likely emerge as no surprise that this ep is four shots of tight, bouncy, happy Ramones-core. At some point in time—maybe today, maybe next year, maybe ten years from now—i am going to put on a record of tight, bouncy, happy Ramones-core and it is going to be SO fucking good and SO fucking right that i am going to drop my Powerade® on the floor and stand in that ever-widening puddle of Arctic Shatter™ and scream “YES! THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE ANSWER TO ALL LIFE’S PROBLEMS, BY GAR! THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE REVEALED IN A MICROCOSM, I SAY!!!” This is not that record, but it’s decent enough that it suggests that this day is not as far off as some might suspect. I guess i’d better stock up on the Arctic Shatter™. BEST SONG: “High School Teen Party” BEST SONG TITLE: “I Don’t Go To Parties” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Guaranteed all downstroked chords! George Tabb would be so happy… 

 –norb (It’s Alive)

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