VARIX: I Can’t Get Out: 7”

Jun 13, 2014

Right off the bat, there are six songs on this 7”. That usually means I’m in for something really fast, and I was. Fast, fuzzed-out (a bit crusty perhaps?) hardcore punk rock. Unrelenting in both musical and vocal delivery. Really impressive. Here is the part I feel strange about. If the vocals had been delivered by a guy with one of the two seemingly requisite hardcore vocal styles these days (a. Deep, gruff angry Muppet or b. High pitched, vocal cord-shearing screech) I probably would have disliked it. Instead, Varix is comprised of women, and the vocals are fast, a tad screeched, and fully urgent. It works for me. Is it some kind of double standard? Maybe, but I like what I like. This is a great record. I’ve also got to mention the amazing DIY packaging. Beautiful hand screened cover and lyric sheet. Nice work everyone! 

 –ty (Fashionable Idiots)