Mischief Brew: I thought this song was going to be a crusty one, not only because it’s called “Patches,” but also because it says it’s “for the virgin haus punks.” Wrong I was! It’s acoustic—just guitar and vocals. The (male) singer has a really nice voice and the lyrics are funny and poignant. Like it. Guitar Bomb: This song, “Middle Finga in Ya Face,” is the second on side A and totally different from the first. Simple punk with a ‘70s rock sound, and dancey in that punky, garagey way. Very short. Really dig it. Rhythm kind of reminds me of “Neat Neat Neat” by the Damned. Endless Mike & The Beagle Club: This song, “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Light,” is apparently about the evils of money and how it holds us back; who will fight against that and who will stay true to the status quo. There is a suggestion in the liner notes that for further discussion on the subject, one can read “Accounting and the Virtues of Anarchy,” if that helps as an additional indicator of the song’s content. I felt that it’s a bit melancholy—there’s a sweet piano part that lends itself to that. I guess, overall, I’d call it a rock song. I wasn’t super into it myself, but it’s well done and I feel what he’s singing about. Wingnut Dishwashers Union: “Fuck Every Cop (who ever did his job)” is an acoustic song with guitar and vocals that have a scratchy sound somewhat reminiscent of Tom Gabel from Against Me! I liked this line: “I know you’ve got to be a little crazy to believe that we shall be free, but I’m insane, and I’m not alone. Unless it’s just the punk rock (yeah!) show talking….” Indeed, sometimes the punk rock shows do talk! I reckon this would be nice as a sing-a-long, and it’s enthusiastic. I wasn’t dying to hear more, but it’s not bad.

 –Jennifer Federico (Fistolo / Crafty)