VARIOUS ARTISTS: Za Krótko!!! Za Szybko!!!: LP

112 Polish bands on one record means a shitload of short songs. The label makes no secret of the fact that the base of inspiration for this madness was the legendary Slap A Ham Bleauuurrrrggghhhh compilations and Fat’s Short Music for Short People. Essentially, you have a grab bag of assorted punk/hardcore/grindcore songs and one brave sucker sequencing it all. For someone with the attention span of a fruit fly (such as myself), this would appear to be mandatory listening. Unfortunately, the endless list of unfamiliar band names makes for a daunting and damn near impossible task of identifying any standouts since every song is just short enough for you to forget as soon as it’s over. I’m definitely on board with the idea of compilations like this, so I do feel a little bit like an asshole for not being more stoked on this record. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Pasazer / Kwadraciok, [email protected]))