Jul 21, 2009

Okay, this made me do some math. There’s twenty-eight bands on here and, of those twenty-eight, approximately 3 percent are worth a piss. The remaining 97 percent fall in either the emocore, “hardcore” (read that as “metal for bald people”), and popcore genres. Sounds like a pretty accurate breakdown of the punk thang these days, meaning that I figure if you go out and pick a random release out of a new CD bin at any record store, you have a 97 percent chance of it sucking. Same thing with going to a random punk show on a Saturday night – you have a 97 percent chance that 97 percent of the bands playing at the club are gonna bite the weenie. I like the fact that this is not merely another label sampler disguised as a comp, but I wish they would’ve focused more on finding more of the bands that fall in the “3 percent” pigeonhole instead of being content to bank the marketability of this disc on suck-ass “name” bands. Sorry, but with a 3 percent success rate, your comp sucks.

 –jimmy (Go Kart)