VARIOUS ARTISTS: Your Machinery Is Too Much for Me: 7″

Geykido Comet put out some pretty interesting comps. This one has four bands on it. The first one, Intro5pect, play political, ska-tinged hardcore. It’s better than you’d think. The second band is No Erasers Allowed. They have play noisy a instrumental song. It’s better than you’d think. The third is Kill the Scientist. They’re even noisier, somewhat digital, and they do a lot of screaming. It’s not better than you’d think, but I can sit through it to get to the next song. The fourth band is ESL. They play sloppy pop punk that reminds me of some of the stuff off the Adolescents blue album sometimes. I like it. Like the GC comp I reviewed in the last issue of Razorcake, this one comes with a pretty interesting piece written by Jeff from Geykido Comet, explaining his politics of punk record pressing.

 –sean (Geykido Comet)