VARIOUS ARTISTS: You Call This Music?! Volume II: CD

Jul 16, 2009

Hefty size comp with thirty-five bands and thirty-five tracks. Many of the tracks are unreleased, which is a good thing. Highlights for me were tracks provided by Toys That Kill (former F.Y.P. makes the latter band an afterthought), Jag Offs (fast and furious, female-led screaming punk), Nazi from Mars (sounds like the Netherlands version of early Shonen Knife), Intro5pect (punk with a drum machine!), Kill the Scientist (reminded me of early Butthole Surfers with the sampling and rage), Spazz (power-violence kings!), Chris Dodge/ Dave Witte (crazy power-violence mixed with jazz-noise breaks and additional noise), The Voids (authentic sounding, old school punk flavor), Pornshot (bubble gum silliness), Lipstick Pickups (trashy, sloppy garage punk fun) and Four Letter Words (ten seconds of actual music in a twenty-three second track). A few downers for me on this comp were the underwater sounding track by As I, the Backside track for the use of the word God (and aren’t they that Christian band from Sweden that P.O.D. signed to their label? I could be wrong; if I am, I’m kinda sorry...) and the track by ESL where the singer sounds like he is straining so hard, not hitting the notes, and not breathing. A good comp of bands from different genres which is not painful listening through from start to finish. Kind of like having a jukebox in the back of the bar mixing it up with what people want to hear.

 –don (Geykido Comet)