VARIOUS ARTISTS: Wrecktrospective: Twenty Years… And Counting!: 3 x CD

Twenty years!? The early years of the label, I was all over their stuff. I was so happy when I started writing for Flipside again. I got on some list that I got almost everything! I fell off that list with the demise of Flipside. Once Razorcake started, yippee!, I was back on that list! I do have to admit that I haven’t payed as much attention the last few years, especially when they stopped sending physical releases. I’m a music nerd. I want the full deal! But, also, many of my favorites broke up: Good Riddance, Wizo, Hi-Standard, Snuff, The Soviettes, and Tilt. Some others only did one release and moved to other labels. The newer bands didn’t pique my interest, as my tastes had changed. If I saw a new release for review, I have been passing it on to someone else I knew would appreciate doing the review. But this collection did feel like going back in time. I haven’t listened to a lot of bands on this release in a long time. I popped in Disc 1, which is titled Fattest Hits and wondered, “How does one determine a hit punk song?” There are no punk charts. How do you gauge something that is basically under the radar? Just a weird thought when I saw it. The whole gamut of bands are represented on disc 1. What I really loved was disc 2. It’s a compilation of demos that I’m sure the majority of us never heard. My favorite tracks came from Good Riddance, The Soviettes, The Epoxies, Rise Against, and The Dickies. Disc 3 is the Fat Club 7”‘s that I actually never got a copy of. I think Todd was the sole recipient of our crew. Bummed I didn’t get the Strike Anywhere one. Overall, this is one motherload of a package. Congratulations Fat! You have hung in there, doing it with integrity.

 –don (Fat )