VARIOUS ARTISTS: World’s Lousy with Ideas Vol. 4: 7”

Aug 21, 2008

This is the fourth volume in a series that I’ve never heard of. It features Touched, Coconut Coolouts, El Vicio, and Fag Cop—four bands that I’ve never heard of. They all play garage-y stuff. Touched and Coconut Coolouts both have a KBD punk thing happening for their garage-y rock. It’s typically not my thing, and I probably wouldn’t have listened to ‘em if I were told that’s what they were, but I actually think they’re pretty decent. The other side of the 7” with El Vicio and Fag Cop starts at bad, then quickly travels over to worse. They are both pretty garage, and I don’t care for too much garage. However, because of the screeching vocals, Fag Cop bothers me so much that I almost like El Vicio.

 –Vincent (Almost Ready)