May 27, 2011

Hot damn! Want to know what the current NZ garage rock scene sounds like? Then pick this compilation up. Released by Tape Man, Wolf Party is a burner. Hardly a dud in the mix and some of the finest surf and garage rock you’re bound to hear anywhere. Obscure even in New Zealand, these bands are part of the real underground—The Wrongdoings feature an ex-member of the Axle Grinders; The Don Kings have the head of Perpetrator Records on bass and Tape Man… well, he’s Tape Man. A lot of love, pain, and sweat went into this compilation. Pick it up while you can… reportedly, only two hundred copies were pressed. (P.S. Anyone know where Celia Mancini is at?!)

 –ryan (Stink Magnetic Tape, [email protected])

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