May 21, 2014

Killer surf/garage/weirdo compilation from New Zealand featuring nobody you’ve heard of slaying everybody you already know. Knife Fight’s “Woof Woof Woof” and The Chandeliers’ “Diamondo” are the real holy shit goddamn moments (also: the singer from Mr. Slackjaw sounds a lotlike Mark Sandman), but there’s so much to take in here, all gnarly and deranged and goofy and cool. There are little stop-offs into U.S. Girls and maybe fake, dumb cold wave territory (Full Fucking Moon’s “Litany of the Oceans, Pt. 1” and Golden Axe’s “Dognapped,” respectively), but mostly it’s psych and rock’n’roll and dirty side roads and head trips. The bands know their history, and they also care enough to fuck with tradition. Very pumped to see King Loser mentioned in the liner notes, too. They could be the spiritual parents of this garage crew, kind of? Would love to tour New Zealand and hang at all the Kiwi dives with all these bands. 

 –Matt Werts (Voodoo Rhythm,