VARIOUS ARTISTS: Winter Bloo: 7"

Sep 25, 2007

This is a two-band comp (since when is a two-band split a “comp”, huh?) that serves as an “aural companion” to the Side A graphic novel that’s reviewed elsewhere in this issue. The bands, Fight Fair and Get Back Loretta, are totally disparate and different than each other, which I thought was a nice idea, given the nature of the graphic novel, which consists of comics about people’s initial introduction to music and is also stylistically across the board. Anyway, Fight Fair are straight-up “modern” hardcore, which at this point in my life, I associate with good production and nasally, sung vocals colliding with the more typical guttural growling. They’d be right at home on Bridge Nine, if they’re not there already. Get Back Loretta is piano-laden indie rock; totally unthreatening but actually scoring over Fight Fair because their song’s actually shorter and kind of sweet. Limited to 1,000 copies on swirly-blue vinyl.

 –keith (Poseur Ink)