VARIOUS ARTISTS: Wild News to Crash Your i-Pod: CD

Mar 27, 2008

Dave “Kong” Kingman was known for having a low batting average but being able to crush massive home runs. Dude once got a pop up stuck in the roof of the Metrodome. Another fly ball hit a speaker in the Kingdome. The rest of the time he struck out. Kong was feast or famine. Wild News, a label sampler from France’s Lollipop Records, has a similar dynamic; judge this disc by the ratio of good to marginal (nine for nineteen) and you’re missing the picture. Wild News opens with a hit parade of pop and punk jaw droppers. Gasolheads lead off with “Hate Is Better than Rock’n’Roll”—the catchiness of early G.G. Allin coupled with the attitude of latter G.G., all, thankfully, free of fecal matter. The Manikins’ “High School Good Boy” is a long lost dose of Dickies’ gold. Powersolo’s “Action” has that ridiculous good time feel that the world’s been missing ever since Madness passed their peak. Toss in an album cut from the Briefs and we’ve got a sequence of four killer cuts to open the compilation. The best of the rest includes mix-worthy songs from Dead Brothers, Les Hatepinks, Petit Vodo, and the Aggravation. New bands, great songs; this is everything a compilation should be.

 –Mike Faloon (Lollipop)

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