VARIOUS ARTISTS: What The Shite: Shite & Onions Volume 2: CD

Jul 13, 2006

Why does so-called “Celtic” music fall into the punk realm so often? I’ve tried and tried, but can’t figure it out. I mean, sure, I like The Pogues. I even like a lot of what Dropkick Murphy’s were doing to begin with, but it seems that after them, the gates opened up and a flood of tin whistles and mandolins chased all the “punk” out of “celtic-punk.” This comp is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Even tracks that I would have thought were kind of good at one point have been drown out by the “dye-dee-dye-dee-dye” jigs and leprechaun bullshit. In fact, I’ve been trying to review this thing for a couple of months now and I’m having a hard time getting through it. I even tried to listen to it on St. Patrick’s Day but to no avail. I guess I’m just the wrong guy for this one.

 –ty (Shite & Onions)

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