VARIOUS ARTISTS: We’ll Inherit the Earth…A Tribute to the Replacements: CD

Mar 14, 2007

Considering this is the third ‘Mats tribute I now own, I think I may pontificate with some authority on this release. This is without a doubt the thrashiest of the three. This makes sense, considering the punk pedigree of some of the groups involved. The Ergs and Drunken Boat hoist the spirit of the early ‘Mats well. The Tim Version does the most obscure cover; I think “Nowhere Is My Home” only officially appeared on vinyl. The coolest reworking of the Westerberg songbook occurs with J. Page’s “Left of the Dial.” Page skillfully welds this to The Cure’s “Pictures of You.” Sweet. Pick it up now and you get a free bonus CD-R with some underground bands and some illegal ‘Mats samples.

 –koepenick (1-2-3-4 Go!)