VARIOUS ARTISTS: We’ll Inherit the Earth… a Tribute to The Replacements: CD

Nov 28, 2006

This CD was like experiencing all the stages of drunkenness, but out of order. 1.) Anticipation. Before I listened to it, and just read the song selections and bands, it was like shotgunning three Sparks. Tiltwheel? Ergs!? Tim Version? This Is My Fist? Alright! Stoked. 2.) Expectations left unsatisfied. First spin: huh, maybe this isn’t as awesome as I first thought it would be. I’m torn. I know the Replacements songs really well and if the bands’ covers are too close to the original, it makes me want to listen to the original, not the cover. If the bands’ covers are further stretched, I feel like their bastardizing the ‘Mats. No one wins. 3.) The room is spinning. Take a step back. Lay down, don’t move, and let it wash over you. Pace yourself. Find the songs that kill, that work both as covers and “alternative universe originals.” Against Me! nail “Bastards of Young” and Drunken Boat wallops “Kids Don’t Follow.” 4.) Lace up your drinking shoes for paced, fun imbibing. The fact that the Queers track doesn’t have Joe singing about his cunt having a dick, and is a sorta touching rendition of “Unsatisfied,” is oddly nice. Let the music blend and bob into the background as the party warms up. Let the CD play on repeat and let it stretch out over its hour of playtime. 5.) The morning after, headache dully buzzing in the background, and the once-declared-as-pussy “Here Comes the Regulars” covered by Thomas of Strike Anywhere and Rob Huddleson makes a new type of sense. 6.) Look back and fondly remember the good times while you reach in the fridge for hair of the dog. In recap: didn’t like it at first, played it more and more, and now it’s pretty darn great. Like virtually all comps, not all gold, but neither were some of the originals. I mean, fuck, who needs gods who never failed themselves, right?

 –todd (1-2-3-4 Go!)