VARIOUS ARTISTS: Well I Don’t See Why Not: CD

This is a compilation of twenty different songs by twenty different artists, primarily from the Pacific Northwest. They’re all previously unreleased and I can’t say I’ve heard of more than a couple, so I knew I was in for a new listening experience. I only liked six of the songs, so I’ll just focus on them and what I liked. Little Angry: Reminds me of an old indie band from the Midwest called Jetenderpaul. Somewhat surf-influenced with blissed harmonies. Kickball: I’d heard of this band before and their jangly sound mixed with male/female combination was endearing and heartfelt. Broken Water: Distorted guitar with low vocals—perhaps influenced by Unwound? Gunmothers Head: Totally Bee Thousand-era Guided By Voices. Love it. Eleanor Murray: The sound is folk-influenced, but Murray’s quavering voice and the backing of a full band make it a strong contribution. Black Tail Dear: An instrumental tune driven primarily by the piano, it builds in repetition and then quickly dissipates. Despite the redundancy, it’s quite moving. Considering I only liked six songs out of twenty, I don’t know if I can entirely recommend this, but it’s always nice to hear some new, quality songs.

 –kurt (