VARIOUS ARTISTS: We Reach...the Music of the Melvins: CD

Jun 22, 2007

I’m an admirer of earlier Melvins, especially Eggnog and Bullhead. There is no doubt to many that they are true innovators of a heavy, dirgy, quirky style that is wholly their own. I’m not a fan of tribute records and neither is, admittedly, the author of the blurb (Greg from Ipecac) on the interior CD sleeve. I would generally rather listen to the original band than hear other bands hack out their own versions of the songs. That said, this record does the band justice, though it adds a notably more metal edge. That’s not a bad thing in this case. Some bands here include: the Dillinger Escape Plan, Eyehategod, Disengage, Mastodon and CKY. “Zodiac,” “Boris,” and “Hog Leg” are covered, along with more modern Melvins. I was disappointed that my favorite Melvins song wasn’t included, the twelve-minute, fifty-second dirge-fest “Charmicarmicat,” the song I still use to clear people out of my house at four in the morning.

 –KO! (Fractured Transmitter)

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