VARIOUS ARTISTS: We Love the Blowtops: 2x7"

Jul 24, 2007

Double 7” of rad, rad bands covering Blowtops songs, a kickass swamp horrorpunk band that is ten years old now. It’s a who’s who of garage rock: Jay Reatard guitar punks up “Venoms Victims Wine,” sounding in between The Reatards and his solo stuff, Tractor Sex Fatality gives their own spooky brand of weirdness to “Judas Order,” Vilent Lovers Club (which is Odie from the Baseball Furies) gives a great ‘70s moody vibe with “Phone Call from a Corpse” that’s very different from the Furies, The Mistreaters provide perfect dirty glory for “Cannibal Lust,” The Radio Beats give a short, sweet and ripping version of “Brasshead Smash,” and the Trailer Park Tornados break down the sick “Within these Walls,” which is a recently rediscovered song on the Blowtops heavy P.S. This Is a Zombie CD. All in all, a killer compilation. I suppose that’s a given with the Blowtops songs and the bands here, but it surpassed my expectations, mofo.

 –mike (Big Neck)

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