VARIOUS ARTISTS: Warped Tour 2005 Compilation: 2xCD

Jun 29, 2007

Another installment of the annual suburban fashion punk parade. Lots of bands like Fallout Boy, Amber Pacific (which I thought was a beer at first), Plain White T’s, Rufio (or Goofio if you prefer) and every other swoop haircut emo punk wannabe flooding the airwaves and TV right now. I hate to say it, but the Hot Water Music song sucks, too. It’s good to know that in our country that’s falling apart, kids still have safe punk rock to listen to. The corporate sponsors try to add street cred with bands like Gogol Bordello (a Russian gypsy band), Strike Anywhere, and the Unseen. But don’t be fooled, they just want to sell you an image. When the Warped Tour can try to help better our washed-up consumer culture I might give a shit again. Until then, take your suburban angst to the mall and buy a fucking conscience.

 â€“buttertooth (Side One Dummy)

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