VARIOUS ARTISTS: Walk the Plank Vol. 1: CD

Jul 12, 2007

DISCLAIMER: My band is on this compilation but I won’t mention them any further. Here we have a benefit compilation for a member of one of the bands who has Multiple Sclerosis. That is as good a cause as any, as MS is an evil disease that needs to be stopped. On to the music. The first few bands here kind of dashed my hopes for this. Sort of a post-hardcore emo deal. Uhh…yeah. My discouragement was soon forgot when I got to the middle portion of the disc. Bands such as Love Me Destroyer (ex-Pinhead Circus), Handy with Shovels, Whiskey Kiss and Sack had me rocking. The majority of this rocks and you can’t beat a good cause.

 –ty (Mutiny)