VARIOUS ARTISTS: Voodoo Rhythm Volume 3: CD

May 27, 2011

Truth be told, I usually much prefer Voodoo Rhythm’s sampler compilations. This is a bold statement, seeing as I think the vast majority of samplers are fairly disposable, and it’s not meant to imply Voodoo Rhythm’s individual releases are not worth a listen. What sets theirs apart from so many others is the scope of styles the label specializes in—rockabilly, swamp-rock, country western, garage rock, ‘60s trash, bluegrass, punk, and a myriad of combinations of all the above —makes for an eclectic mix of sounds to keep you on yer toes. The result sounds less like, say, Epitaph’s Punk-O-Rama series—where all the bands sound like variations of the same song—and more like a radio show specializing in shit that rarely gets played on the radio anymore. This, like its predecessors, is a nice hodge-podge of stuff that’s pretty danged consistent in quality and features tunes from the likes of The Monsters, The Juke Joint Pimps, Hipbone Slim And The Knee Tremblers, Movie Star Junkies, Reverend Beat-Man (whose psychotic dance floor stuffer “Jesus Christ Twist” is the pick to click here), Andy Dale Petty and many more. Those looking for a quick teaser of future musical acquisitions and those who prefer something to plop into the car stereo and rock out to on the way to wherever will both find many tantalizing bits to savor here

 –jimmy (Voodoo Rhythm,