VARIOUS ARTISTS: Vancouver Complication: CD

Oct 23, 2007

The late ‘70s punk scene in and around Vancouver, British Columbia is my favorite regional scene from that time period. Along with Boston, MA, the Vancouver scene had a lot of different sounding bands and an incredible amount of activity for a city outside the big three of Los Angeles, London, and New York. The percentage of amazing bands is just phenomenal. Now, thanks to Joey Shithead and Sudden Death, you can hear it for yourself. This compilation is an absolute c-l-a-s-s-i-c! There is no better collection of songs from the 1977 to 1979 punk era. From the proto hardcore of Subhumans and D.O.A. (two songs apiece here) to the straight-ahead punk of the Dishrags and K-Tels (aka Young Canadians), to the new wave weirdness of U-J3RK5 (Ujerks), Private School, Exxotone, No Fun, and Shades, there is an astounding amount of great music here. While my beloved Modernettes were just a little late to make the cut (starting up in 1979 and not releasing anything until 1980) the power pop sounds are in abundance with the genius Pointed Sticks and the great Active Dog (featuring Buck Cherry of Modernettes on guitar). This reissue has included a reprint of the original booklet that came with the first pressing of the LP as well as some great liner notes and a listing of all band members. There are also five bonus tracks on the end, including a fantastic Dishrags tune. Now if Sudden Death would only reissue the Modernettes full length... actually, I heard there was a Modernettes collection CD in the works, so let’s hope. Get on the Vancouver punk train right here!

 –frame (Sudden Death)

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