VARIOUS ARTISTS: Vancouver Complication: 2 x LP

Mar 27, 2008

Another reissue, this time on LP, of one of Canada’s more important compilations. While the stuff here predates the whole hardcore thing by a couple of years, some of that subgenre’s more celebrated Canuck participants—namely the Subhumans and D.O.A.—do have a presence, and you can already hear the ever important intensity starting to gel in these early tracks. The bulk of the remaining stuff—courtesy of the Dishrags, Pointed Sticks, Active Dog, the K-Tels (who later became the Young Canadians), U-J3RKS, No Fun, (e), Shades, Tim Ray and A.V., and more—stick more towards the poppy end of the early punk spectrum, but all deliver some first-rate tracks here. As if the original release wasn’t alluring enough, they’ve added a bonus album’s worth of tracks from even more bands. Quality listenin’ here.

 –jimmy (