VARIOUS ARTISTS: Up End Atom—A Tribute to Atom And His Package: CD

Nov 24, 2009

This Atom And His Package tribute album is the first release from a label called Hartless Hind. Atom And His Package songs sometimes sound too much like each other for me, so it is cool to hear different takes on them. I really liked the cover of “Punk Rock Academy” by mc chris. The line “We fired the guy from Bad Religion because he sold punk rock out!” still cracks me up. Atom himself contributes vocals to the Zambonis cover of “Goalie,” though he promises at the beginning of the song that appearing on his own tribute album is a result of him being friends with the band, and is not because he has a massive ego. Choosing to have bands cover Atom And His Package was a great idea. The artists all make these songs sound different, and they all sound pretty good.

 –Lauren Trout (Hartless Hind,