VARIOUS ARTISTS: Two Turds and a Golfball: CD

Mar 16, 2003

I picked this up outta the review pile because the Grand Pricks, whose “High Kicks to Your Dicks” is one of thee punkest albums of the last five years. I regretted that decision when I saw it was a compilation of bands playing the same song, one that shares the same name as the compilation itself, and then was pleasantly surprised when I put this puppy on. WILDLY diverse in sound, from grind to hardcore to rap metal to straight punk to country to industrial noise and beyond. The fact that virtually none of the lyrics match from one version to the next leads me to believe that this is more a case of bands performing songs with the same name rather than covering the same tune. Either way, this was some pretty entertaining listening. Pick it up. Need more impetus? There’re exclusive Anal Cunt and Dahmer tracks on here, you discerning punkers, you.

 –jimmy (Hollow Bunny)

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